Our company are conveniently full equipped  for producting the molds that customers need without size limit. Our department which is experted at Property Plastic Mold Manufacturing area are according to technologic CNC machines for the works that are designed with 3D CAD CAM surface and solid modeling programs. Orders of customers that we work in coordination with metal and plastic production line of our company is carefully controlled at each stage and is produced. All orders are delivered on time and the quality we promised you.

Our company, with its experienced staff at even after sales service, works with all power in the fastest way about reaching the service to you in a fastest way and creating economic solutions in a way that don’t leave you in a difficult position.

The Foundation of our work; quality, combining high technology and ease of use is a fast, affordable and high-quality plastic injection moulds manufacturing, aftermarket services and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

The basic of our works is to keep customer satisfaction and aftermarket services at the highest level by producting quality plastic injection molds with fast and affordable prices combining quality, high-quality and ease of use.

About Us

Activities, aiming to develop

with the ISO 9001: 2008

quality system, under

the umbrella of Serap Kalıp

Ltd. Şti. Our goal is, by using

today'smethods and

technologies professionally,

is to move the position with

cooperation that our company

deserves in the market.

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