Plastic injection contract printing is a manufacturing method containing that a plastic raw material melted with the help of wage pressure is shaped by injecting into a mold and removed from a mold by cooling. Plastic parts from small parts to garden furnitures from the smallest components in various sizes and categories can be produced. It is one of the most common methods of manufacturing. The machine that the operation was carried out is called for injection machine. The first plastic injection molding machine was made in the 1930s. 


An injection machine consists of three main parts: injection molding machine clamping unit (clamp), injection unit and mold. Clamping unit is a unit that keeps the mold under pressure during the cooling and injection. As a simple, it is a unit that incorporating both sides (male and female) of the injection mold.


During the injection phase, plastic granule lattice material is poured into the hooper of pellets. From there, it is taken to a cylinder heated by resistance heaters with a screw controlled by an electric motor. It edges the plastic material that is melted under pressure and temperature by a screw compression operation to the end of sylinder. When enough material is taken  in order to fill the mold in front of screw, injection process begins. Melted plastic is sent into the mold through a nozzle at the end of the machine. During this process, the pressure and the speed is controlled with hydraulic motor.


 This process is applied in view of the desired sizes and to avoid  variety of errors (Dent, warp, bending, etc.).  At this stage, melted plastic injected into the mold is provided to fill the mold space by applying pressure. The operation continues until the plastic becomes solid. The amount of time varies depending on the raw material used, the size and weight of the pieces.


 Melted raw material that is injected causes to harden in the mold.  Mold in the hardened plastic accessories can be used in almost every area of the industry by subtracting from the mold.  Cooling of the mold usually made through water channels inside the mold.

 Mold opening

 The clamping unit opens in a way that the two sides of mold allocates


According to the type of mold, cores or parts finished through the gate is removed from the mold 

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