CNC (Computer Numerical Control), CNC means “computer counted management”. NC machine tools process otomatically with special standard holes drilled on the tapes. CNC machines are devices that process otomatically by being programmed with a mounted computer. Some of the examples; CNC Lathe CNC machining center CNC Milling CNC Wood processing machine Punch Machine press brakes CNC plasma machine. They are mostly used in the ship construction industry. It is used fot cutting horizontal metal plates (200 mm-3 mm). G (in preparation) codes, M (auxiliary) codes are used for using CNC machines. About he programming of CNC machines, there are two kinds of standard. 1-the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Standard 2- DIN (German Standards Institute) standard. Machine manufacturing companies provided this codes more developed and more diverse systems within the framework of these standards. CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) programs are used so that CNC machines can be programmed more efficient, faster and error-free. Decided process stages for CNC machines on computer designs are controlled with simulation and G codes are developed. CAD, CAM, CNC: in the simplest terms, a machine that makes automatically a work requiring mechanical processing (punching, engraving, coloring, etc.) according to the commands from the computer CAD CAM CNC machines. With CAD, CAM, and CNC, if we bring the rectangular-shaped wood to circle shape by using hand tools, we draw a circle in a way that we want and cut the excess outside the circle with a saw. In order that it will be a beautiful circle, we work more rigorously on the circumference of circle with nail file and sandpaper and make our wood circle. If you have jig saw, you can make this work much more quickly. However, the full circle to be clean with sandpaper nail file again and you will need to work with sandpaper and nail file for the full circle.

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